How to choose the right Dutch primary school that matches best with my child(ren), and with us as parents?

During the two-hour workshop ‘Choosing the Right (Dutch) Primary School,’ I will provide you with all of the relevant information concerning Dutch primary schools that you will need in order to orient yourself with the educational systems and select the best primary school for your child. Moreover, I will give you useful tips (included in an Action Plan for Choosing a Primary School) and refer you to helpful documents and websites that will provide you, the parent with more insight into Dutch primary education.

During the workshop, we will address the following topics and questions:

  • What are key issues that need to be considered, when a parent starts to orient themselves with Dutch primary schools?
  • What features or characteristics of schools do I have to pay attention to as a parent, when visiting schools? What are key features that can help one to clearly differentiate between schools?
  • What are good questions to ask the principal or teachers, in order to get a reliable picture of a school?
  • Which online sources or websites can I consult to assess the educational quality and results (for example, for standardized tests like CITO) of schools? How can I get a reliable picture of the atmosphere in a school?
  • We will discuss the different types of primary schools currently in operation in the Netherlands. I will provide a description of the goals and characteristics of the different educational concepts used, and how this is applied in daily school practice.
  • We will discuss an Action Plan that you can use during the process of selecting the right primary school.


Please let me know if there are additional topics or questions that you wish to have addressed, so I can also include these in the workshop.


Workshop Fees


Workshop ‘Choosing the Right Dutch Primary School’ (Duration: 2 hours):

Workshop on location (for example, in a day care center or kindergarten): 145 euro (fixed price for a group consisting of a maximum of 20 persons)